About Us

Thirty six years ago, John Przywara left the Dallas Police Vice Squad and entered the travel industry by organizing ski trips for his fellow police officers and thus a hobby grew into a business. From modest beginnings in 1978, the company expanded to become a powerful force in the wholesale and consolidator sector of the industry. In 1997, Przywara joined with four other companies to form Travel Services International, Inc. and created one of the largest single-source leisure travel companies in the US. Travel Services International, Inc. (TSI) went public on the NASDAQ and raised $32,550,000 as proceeds to the company, and then embarked on an aggressive campaign to acquire additional companies. In April of 2000, Travel Services International, Inc. was acquired by United Kingdom based My Travel, PLC (formerly Air Tours, PLC) for $360,000,000.

John Przywara left D-FW Tours to further expand in the wholesale and consolidation industry with his purchase of International Vacations.com. He is bringing with him his reputation and 30 years experience in the wholesale travel industry to expand International Vacations, Inc. to offer wholesale / consolidator travel to destinations worldwide. In addition to consolidator fares, the company will also offer Full Inclusive Tours (air / hotel) packages to select destinations including Mexico, Hawaii, Costa Rica, the Caribbean Islands, South America, Europe, Asia and the South Pacific. Luxury and Business Class travel are a specialty.

Many former D-FW Tours employees have joined John Przywara in key positions at International Vacations, Inc. The company is owned by John Przywara. "I am extremely excited to be working again as an entrepreneur and not within a large corporation. I want to have the flexibility to respond quickly to industry changes and I want my employees to prosper and share in the wealth of a progressive organization. This company will provide new employment opportunities in the travel industry".

The Dallas call center is open from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm CST Monday through Friday offering superior customer service with highly trained employees in the wholesale travel.